The No Name Collection

         When you feel something deeply, a feeling that you can no longer ignore, it gives way to movement. I spent the beginning of the year taking time to paint and dance.  This desire came out of the creative void. Color is what moves me and i wanted to sit with it, and to play with it.  This collection has pushed me to trust my creative voice, even if it feels like I'm breaking the mold.  Thank you for taking a moment to share in this work, My model, Ara, truly brought this collection to life.


*photography - Becca Hart   *Styling - Amber Widom  *model&b.girl - Ara Davis

Vagabond Lover

As it goes in life, sometimes the fluidity of inspiration pushes you down the rabbit hole. In the rabbit hole, i found the moving images of James Van Der Zee. From there, I dug through photographs from the '20's and '30's and loved the freedom and sexuality women portrayed during this time period. They broke the mold of previous expectations. The deep jewel tones, velvets, and hand beaded dresses provided the texture and color story for this collection.  Vagabond Lover is named after a jazz standard from 1929. I photographed my model, Liz, with a 35mm film camera. I wanted to evoke the nostalgia of times past. This collection is dedicated to the women who break down barriers.


*Shout out to liz, my model, for not only agreeing to do just that but also offered her 1890's cabin as a set. 

The Urban Wild

 The urban wild is the natural world reclaiming a manmade environment.

The definition of manmade and natural, with the imaginary line we draw between the two, inspired me to create this collection.

The environmental and social justice movements of our time further blurred these lines for me and fueled a deeper intention woven into each piece.

These adornments are meant to fluidly move between the flux of the natural and manmade worlds.  


*Shout out to Charlie the Rooster who was an essential part of this collection. He was butchered post election and with the spirit of strength and power, offered to us his feathers. a special thanks to d'angelo, anderson .paak, erykah badu, a tribe called quest, a tribe called red, Saul Williams, and Hiatus Kaiyote for my inspired making soundtrack. Lastly, A shout out to Talia, my dear friend and the model that represents this collection.